101 Best DTC Brands Facebook Ads Creatives

March 2023

101 Best DTC Brands Facebook Ads Creatives

The eCommerce industry is seeing the more rise in competition than ever.It's needless to say that it's even more important to stand out from the crowd. To achieve that, your creative needs to primarily be 'thumb stoppers' and should evoke emotions. We’ve generated over $204M+ in DTC eCommerce sales, spent over $71M+ on Facebook Ads profitably and helped to build 6, 8-figure Direct to consumer brands. Along that journey, we have learned 51 important lessons to scaling in a DTC eCommerce brand.‍ 

In this article, we have curated a list of the best DTC ads we have seen during our journey at AdKings. 

1. Averr Aglow - Created By AdKings:

Aver Aglow uses an interesting visual in this ad. The model has a body double that depicts Akne and the message passed here is that the audience should not fight their bodies but fight Akne using Aver Aglow products. It is an interesting concept that really appeals to an audience that have grown to hate themselves because of a skin condition. This ad really focuses on this pain point and presents the product as a great solution the audience can use.  

2. Blender Bottle:

This Ad for Strada uses a rocket-launch theme and sound to highlight the different features of the Blender bottle. The product is a simple one with somewhat common features. However, the way it is presented in this Ad gives the audience a sense of innovation and excitement. The features are also well displayed to give the audience all the information they need about the product. 

3. Sheertex:

Sheertex focuses on one pain point in this Ad, which is wear and tear. Many people who wear tights consistently often complain about how it tears and rips at the slightest pressure. Sheertex highlights how strong their product material is by trying to rip it without success. This is to show the audience that their product will not rip easily. This immediately sparks their interest and encourages them to learn more about the product. 

4. Complement - Created By AdKings:

Complement uses the influencer marketing strategy for this ad to reach the right people. Using trusted influencers to sell your product almost always works because audiences will make fast busying decisions off their recommendations alone. Complement focuses on highlighting different USPs in this ad and also mentions why it is a great addition to any vegan diet. Combining influencer recommendations with a focus on audience’s pain point is always a great way to get those valuable clicks. 

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