51 Business Lessons Learned from $200M+ in DTC eCommerce Sales

March 2023

51 Business Lessons Learned from $200M+ in DTC eCommerce Sales

eCommerce is both one of the hardest and most rewarding industries there is.‍With the number of eCom businesses there are (just 1.7M in Shopify), it has never been more important to leverage the experience of others.‍The right tip and the right time can help eCom owners grow their revenue, avoid time-consuming mistakes, and build a lasting store.‍We’ve generated over $204M+ in DTC eCommerce sales, spent over $71M+ on Facebook Ads profitably and helped to build 6, 8-figure Direct to consumer brands. Along that journey, we have learned 51 important lessons to scaling in a DTC eCommerce brand.‍In today’s article you’ll learn each of those 51 lessons. Using them can be the difference between scaling or not scaling your business.

Table of Contents:

  1. Move Fast or Get Irrelevant
  2. Only 5 Metrics Actually Matter.
  3. Test a Lot and Don’t Be Afraid of Breaking Things.
  4. Focus On 1 Marketing Channel and 1 Bundle Until You Reach $1M+.
  5. Aim for a Higher AOV.
  6. Aim for at Least 66-90% Margin.
  7. Stalk Your Target Customer.
  8. The Right Words Can Unlock Any Door.
  9. Invest in a Website That Converts
  10. Don’t Overthink Branding Until You Hit the $5M to 10M+ a Year Mark.
  11. Leave Ego Aside, Learn From Everything.
  12. Use Leverage: Bring In External Funding Whenever Possible.
  13. Omni-Channel Marketing.
  14. Data Is Your Best Friend.
  15. iOS14 Tracking Solutions for Facebook.
  16. LTV Is the Game in 2022+
  17. Creating New Products.
  18. Things Will Break As You Scale.
  19. Identify High-Value Activities.
  20. Create an Irresistible Offer.
  21. Reframe Your Marketing to Target More Segments.
  22. Reframe Your Offer Multiple Times.
  23. Think About Subscriptions.
  24. Know When to Invest Into Visuals.
  25. Invest in CRO.
  26. Invest in SEO to Establish Your Position.
  27. Hire the Right People & Learn to Delegate.
  28. Build Superior Product in Preparation for Copycats.
  29. Start Building a Community.
  30. Stay On Top of Trends to Stay Relevant.
  31. Don’t Forget to Diversify as You’re Growing.
  32. Aim for a New Product Launch Each Month, Even Every Week.
  33. The One Who Can Spend The Most, Wins.
  34. Tap Into Exotic Marketing Channels.
  35. Leverage PR
  36. Do Collaboration Collections With Influencers.
  37. Always Have Your Pipeline Full of Professionals With More Experience Than You.
  38. Prepare to Deal With Copycats.
  39. Optimize Costs to Build Competitive Advantage.
  40. Tap Into International Talent And Reduce Costs.
  41. Plan Your Exit Early.
  42. Get Into Advanced Customer Acquisition Strategies.
  43. Become a Conglomerate of Multiple Businesses.
  44. Progress Towards a Small Corporate Structure When You Have 100-300 People.
  45. Acquire Complementary Businesses.
  46. Work on Incremental Gains, Keep Perfecting Everything.
  47. Tap Into Celebrity Marketing.
  48. Expand Partnerships.
  49. Enter Retail.
  50. TV Ads
  51. Localization Strategy & International Expansion.

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