Copywriter for eCommerce Projects (Part Time)

London, United Kingdom

You cracked the code to catchphrases that convert, know how to write "love letters" for any target audience, and have a low tolerance for spelling errors? We need you NOW! 

AdKings Agency is looking for a sophisticated copywriter with a background in advertising and a firm grasp on how to grow eCommerce brands through brilliant copy. You will be responsible for the linguistic content of our clients’ ads, advertorials, blog posts, newsletters, and landing pages. 

*This is a COMPLETELY REMOTE position so we hire worldwide, but it would be best if you are around the European timezone, as the majority of the team is located around this continent.

What We Are Offering:

  •  Interesting and challenging projects 
  •  Freedom to make decisions (and fails!) 
  • Freedom to make decisions (and fails!) 
  • Fully remote team, flexible time (aka work from where you want, when you want, and how you want) 
  • Amazing team culture (strick no sh*thead policy) 
  • Personal Development budget to deepen your knowledge in various topics 
  • Non-corporate,  boutique environment (not planning to grow to more than 35 people anytime soon, currently have about 25) 
  • Dedicated time and Team Buddys systems to interact with the team (outside of work projects of course) 

What You Will Be Doing : 

  • Brainstorm & generate outstanding concepts  that show a thorough understanding of the audience and project strategy            
  • Produce efficient creative solutions based on the agreed project brief - anything from scripts, taglines, hooks, advertorials and newsletters and beyond                
  • Conducting thorough target audience and industry research        
  • Collaborate with Creative & Performance teams to deliver high standards of finished work                    
  • Help organize, maintain and oversee creative standards and guidelines            
  • Communicate with clients to gain a better understanding of their needs, and provide efficient creative solutions            
  • Prioritize workload and demonstrate excellent time management skills

Overall KPI's:

  • Sales: generated through standalone work such as advertorials & newsletters, as well as via a collaborative effort with the creatives such as direct response ads. 
  • Emails Open Rate: how many people opened the newsletter driven by the email subject alone. 
  • Click-Through Rate: generating traffic and converting sales to product pages through advertising copy alone or via a collaborative effort with the creatives such as direct response ads 
  • Leads: generating traffic to particular pages through advertising copy alone or via a collaborative effort with the creatives such as direct response ads
  • Conversion Rate: how many people converted into sales after clicking on the links within the advertorial, lead magnet page, newsletter, or ad copy
  • Click-Through Rate: generating traffic to product pages through advertising copy alone or via a collaborative effort with the creatives such as direct response ads

About You:

You are an effective communicator, a strategic thinker, and have a great command of the English language. You care for proper spelling and grammar, but more than that, you care for the consumer. You are a storyteller who leads brands into fresh creative territories through the skilled use of language. You are a problem solver and you approach projects with an innovative mindset. You are ambitious, proactive, and a self-starter. You are constantly sifting for gold and know it could be found in any brief. 

Job Requirements: 

  • Fluent in English
  • Proven skills in the area of direct response advertising & eCommerce            
  • Perfect grammar and a wide vocabulary                
  • Understanding of sales copywriting principles like AIDA, 4P’s etc.                
  • A track record of writing copy with a high conversion rate            
  • Interest and a strong understanding of current and emerging digital platforms            
  • Proactively seek out opportunities to add ideas and value to projects            
  • Detail-oriented with a good eye for overall output                
  • Solutions-oriented and resourceful            
  • Able to work independently, manage multiple priorities and meet deadlines            
  • A natural Growth Hacker interested in challenges, effectiveness, finding new undiscovered ways          
  • Self-learner personality and somebody who is able to adapt fast according to feedback            
  • A driven, proactive individual interested in self-improvement, reading books, consuming content, and aiming to become the better version of yourself

Our Hiring and Recruitment Process:

  • Stage (1): Reviewing and Evaluatin your application. 
  • Stage (2): Practical Task / Practical test
  • Stage (3): HR Interview 
  • Stage (4): Line Manager interview, and final decision.

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Copywriter for eCommerce Projects (Part Time)

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Copywriter for eCommerce Projects (Part Time)

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