Head of Growth and Performance - eCommerce Brand

London, United Kingdom (remote)

This job is not available anymore

We are looking for our Iron Man/Woman (AKA Head of Growth).

IMPORTANT: This job is NOT for the average joe… This job is NOT for people that love the ordinary 9-5... This job NOT for people that like to have their genius crippled. This position is for a Superhero that gets shit done, has a clear vision and inspires others around them to thrive for greatness. We are not corporate. We don’t wear suites (sometimes we wear our superhero costumes). We are one of the fastest growing 8-figure DTC eCommerce brands. Bootstrapped it all the way. No outside investors, No outside dictators.

You would be working straight with the founders on never seen before revolutionized advertising funnels that have allowed us to grow so fast. You will learn something new, guaranteed! Our goal is something bigger, something that only a fraction of the 1% actually achieve in the end. If you are smart, competitive and like challenges join us and we will unchain your genius (ever had ideas that you thought were too crazy? We want to hear them!). Join us in our mission to grow this personal care brand that is targeting the senior market with billions of untouched dollars to harvest.

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Job Duties (The Exciting stuff you’d work on):

  • Identify and execute on innovations that could help to reach breakthroughs in growth by optimizing offers, product range, sales channels, funnel, website, ad copy, creative, etc.

  • Freedom to build your own high performing superhero squad around you and manage them. 

  • Be involved to create and maintain performance funnels. This means coming up with new optimizations for the funnels, new offers, new products, new upsells, VSL improvement ideas etc. working with the copywriters, the creative team and the development team

  • Especially in the beginning you will also need to “get your hands dirty” and sometimes jump into some random tasks that need to get done. (Welcome to a startup baby!)

  • Collaborate with the creative team. Give them feedback and guidance on the marketing creatives they are producing and give them ideas for good creatives to test

  • Manage in-house media buyers & ad agencies. Have weekly calls with them, make sure they are focusing on the important things and make sure KPIs are hit.

  • Manage the in-house email marketing team. You’d be working with our email manager and email copywriter. Weekly calls and also you’d need to make sure they are focusing on the important thing and hit their KPIs.

  • Contributing to the creation and implementation of SOPs to ensure the most efficient workflows.

  • Set weekly, monthly & quarterly company performance KPIs and goals and map out how to achieve them (and achieve them).

  • Keep people accountable and motivated to get the best output from the team and to have good talent stick around.

Job Benefits (The juicy stuff for you):

  • Forget freelancing problems like sales, managing clients, being the only person who has to do everything. Or your mundane 9-5 job depression.

  • Compensation tied to company revenue growth and profitability.

  • We reward hard work and we love sharing our wins with the team.

  • The right talent could make very healthy 6 figures yearly.

  • Eligible for share options.

  • Work remotely. With Flexible times.

  • Work in one of the fastest growing 8-figure DTC eCommerce brands 

  • Access to genius advisors (who have bought and sold more than 50 ecommerce brands).

  • We hire smart and proficient people, therefore we give them freedom to do what they think is best. (We unchain and nurture your genius)

  • Growth oriented geek environment where you will thrive to new heights.

  • Learn something new, guaranteed! We are revolutionizing marketing funnels and are experimenting with some dangerously powerful combinations

Job Qualifications (We need to know if you can Hulk-smash the competition):

  • You have worked remotely and successfully managed a team of 10+ individuals before.

  • You know what team you need to achieve growth, can identify good and necessary talent and integrate them to the team.

  • You can set clear KPIs and Goals and can map out how to achieve them.

  • You are a natural Growth Superhero that creates constant innovation and is drawn to challenges.

  • Proven track record of a Full-stack eCommerce Growth specialist (either you were part of an $30+ million eCommerce brand yourself or have otherwise been involved with ecommerce clients in that range). 

  • You have good knowledge of multiple traffic sources (FB, Google, Tiktok, Native networks would be a bonus).

  • You have an affiliate background or otherwise extensive experience with funnels (advertorials, ecom pages, upsells, ideally VSLs etc.).

  • You have a good Understanding of effective creative styles on FB (TikTok bonus).

  • Driven, proactive individual interested in self-improvement.

  • Over 8 years of experience in the field


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Head of Growth and Performance - eCommerce Brand

Job description

Head of Growth and Performance - eCommerce Brand